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As you all know every new thing opens up new opportunities to grow faster, but it also has certain unanticipated bad consequences that harm the population as a whole and can pass down through generations. So, it’s important to be aware of the benefits and drawbacks that comes along. Before getting a little too much addicted to the new features.

Let’s Discover the truth about Snapchat’s AI features and decide for yourself if it’s a useful tool or a possible threat.

This My AI feature is powered by OpenAI’s chatGPT, which has received the most attention among Snapchat users. Snapchat is the most popular photo-sharing app among Generation Z and the rest of the major societies due to its frenzy of fantastic face filters.

It’s amazing to know that snapchatters’ love for using the app has recently intensified because of the MyAI feature. MyAI is a chatbot designed to improve the chatting experience. by putting in jokes, pictures, writing emails, etc. also you can ask any trivia question.


Before getting into the pros and cons and privacy features,it is crucial to have the basic knowledge of the snapchat and its AI. 

Snapchat is the most loved app, which is used by 9 of 10 family members. Mostly if you are teens or in your twenties, you must be well known about this application and its most extraordinary feature of sharing snaps(photos) that are sent to a person and it gets vanished after its been viewed. And if sending snaps is performed by both the persons, then per day it becomes one streak. 

Furthermore, snapchat has been widely known for its craze of face filter. Also now, for it’s new feature My AI. It is an chatbot adopted by snapchat which makes it stand out from competing social media apps. 

As you and I can have a general conversation with lots of humorous. Just like a human presence, My AI writes text messages, jokes, e-mails etc. and can answer to any of your questions. Also by accessing to your snapchat data(including location), it can provide more appropriate and accurate messages to all the person you care about the most. 


Usually I take a lot of pictures with different filter on my snapchat and every single picture is stored with care in my account. And also snapchat provides with a next level of keeping your photos in a more safer place. Where only you can get access to, with an passcode.

How to protect your privacy while using snapchat AI

Safeguarding its customers privacy has always been snapchat’s priority. Whether it’s your photos, snaps, filters or messaging with your pals. Heading towards the point where, My AI requires access to your snapchat data including your location. It is because it needs some related information and location for relevant advertisement,search and even different lenses.

Your snapchat data is exclusively used by My AI to deliver precise text recommendations to the conversations in which you have mentioned My AI. It doesn’t reply to every conversation you have; it simply replies to the ones you’ve mentioned. If you share private or sensitive information with the chatbot, you are effectively giving Snapchat access to that information as Snapchat uses it for AI enhancement and ad personalisation. Any data you previously granted access to My AI can also be deleted. 

It is always preferable to approach AI as any other online transaction, knowing that providing AI with an excessive amount of your personal data or information can be dangerous. 


Yes, there are undoubtedly a few benefits of AI on Snapchat that are worthwhile highlighting. To begin with, artificial intelligence (AI) puts in a lot of effort in the background to provide you with customized suggestions and filters that improve your photos. It will also bring you a little bit of magic to your creative process, whether it’s making recommendations for amusing stickers or pertinent lenses.

Moreover, the way AI aids in content discovery is an additional benefit. AI provides you with a personalized feed of photographs and stories based on your interactions and interests. It’s like you  having a virtual assistant that is aware of your particular preferences, which enhances and engages your snapchat experience.

Lastly, by classifying and arranging stuff for you, AI on Snapchat increases productivity. AI streamlines your app navigation and saves your time and effort by classifying photos, stories, and memories. It’s similar to having a personal organizer that keeps everything organized in your snapchat world.


As you know, even though AI on Snapchat has many great advantages, there are also disadvantages that you must take into account. Since AI uses user data collection and analysis to provide personalized experiences, privacy is a big concern. You must have concerns about data security and consent because you may believe that your information is being used in ways that you find uncomfortable.

See, the possibility of using AI algorithms to create echo chambers is yet another drawback. Artificial intelligence may unintentionally restrict your exposure to different points of view by customizing content according to your tastes. This can cause your social media bubble to close, strengthening prejudices and impeding constructive disclosure.

Additionally, you may find it unpleasant as AI on Snapchat has occasionally provided biassed or incorrect recommendations. Artificial intelligence is not always perfect at making decisions, which can lead to less-than-ideal experiences for some users. Examples of this include offering inappropriate filters or displaying skewed search results.


Personal Experience

So, based on my own experience, how does AI perform on Snapchat? It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster trip, I must admit. There have been times when AI’s accurate suggestions and entertaining filters have really amazed me, taking my photos to new heights. It’s like having a creative collaborator who is always on the lookout for ways to add flair to my work.

Can machines be taught to think like a human brain.Implementing human intelligence in machines.Strong AI Weak AI


On the other hand, there have also been instances when Snapchat’s AI has left me perplexed. There are times when AI seems to fall short and frustrate me, ranging from strange filter recommendations to pointless search results. It serves as a reminder that even with its immense capability, AI is not perfect and can occasionally have glitches.

Reduce errors Speed Maximized efficiencyExpensive Lack of intent Inability to match human thinking(yet).

In my own experience, the advantages of AI on Snapchat, all things considered, exceed the disadvantages. Notwithstanding the sporadic hiccups, AI is a useful addition to my snapchat travels because of its ease, personalization, and inventiveness.


After all my investigation into AI on Snapchat, it is evident that there are advantages and disadvantages to take into account. For better or worse, artificial intelligence (AI) has a big impact on how you use social media, from tailored recommendations to privacy issues. It’s critical that you, as users, understand how AI is affecting Snapchat and make wise choices about how to interact with its features.

So, the next time you use Snapchat, take a moment to appreciate the AI magic that’s operating in the background. For better or worse, artificial intelligence (AI) on Snapchat is here to stay, whether it’s boosting your creativity or expediting your content browsing. Now, friends, go ahead have new experience and get moving!

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